Monday, January 4, 2010

General speech from the chairman of HEWI:

Alhamdulilillah praise for Allah S.W.T the lord of the universe. With full of His guidance and mercy we can seat together bound by the same belief. Today we will celebrate the new year of Al-Hijrah which is full of blessings and peace and also the launching of Student Representative Council Session 09/10.

After the end of our campus general election in the last November, this is my first speech as the chairman of the new organization of Muslimah HEWI and also as the vice president of MPM session 09/10.

Actually, I am aware that this is a huge responsibility. It is not an easy job to lead the student of Insaniah. It is not like a game that we are playing or normal activity that we use to have in filling our time, but it is amanah! It is a big job which came by full of trust and confidence given by the students and all Insaniah Fellows. Thus, it is not right to take it for granted and of and I believe that leadership is not an award for those who been chosen but it is a mandate given by people.

Berothers and sisters,

HEWI is a special organization under the vice president of our Student Representative Council 09/10.

HEWI was formed to take care of our Muslimah social welfare in term of their safety, their studies and any other problem.

  1. Today the development of technologies has opened students view to move forward concurrent with the world globalization. We have developed several initiatives for both short and long term period to achieve our noble target of our struggle. Our hope is that all students will participate and corporate with us, so that student might understand our humble aspiration so it will not be a wasteful effort and time for all of us.
  2. Starting with this new semester session 09/10 we have opened HELWA Council within HEWI’s blog to collect all complaints and suggestions that can improve our organization. We will struggle and work together to produce a strong generation of Muslimah which are full of knowledge and moral values. A Muslimah must strong and smart enough to face the challenge of globalization.

Vision: Empowering the muslimah leadership to ensure the birth of future asset of the nation.

MISI : To lead the rise of Muslimah encompassing all aspects


1) Human capital development

To give awareness and readiness in practicing Islamic values in our life

2) Social welfare

To ensure Muslimah social welfare in various aspects

3) Networking

To encourage Muslimah to participate in any club or association within the state level or international one

4) Knowledge

To produce a competent Muslimah, with high intellectual capacity, open-minded and mature in facing the challenges

Our motto is “Professionalism the thrust of Muslimah’s execellent” and we are holding the title “We are the pearl”. I would like to explain why we symbolize the Muslimah as a pearl? Brothers and sisters, Muslimah is a special asset in Islam, Muslimah like a precious pearl which can never be found except in the deep of blue sea. So I afraid that the pearl might be fractured so it become invaluable and priceless.

I hope all of us will unite and work together to realize our objective so we can bring back the glory of our past.

To all of sisters if you have any proposal, complaint or problem you can send it to my email or Hal Ehwal Siswi

Once again, I would like to state that Muslimah is an important essence for the ummah to prosper. We are the one who will shape our generation as we play the main role to move the Muslimah organization which bound to the principles of Islam.

We must be careful and smart in facing any issue inside or outside the campus. As the chairman I’ll always be open to hear any criticism or idea to develop and improve our organization. We want to create more creative work and idea without ignoring any of Islamic principle.

Here I promote to all of you love and compassion so we can live together in unity regardless our races and differences.

Lastly, as the representative of students I would like to say that it is important for us to learn how to balance between our academic studies and our participation in cur-curricular activities. Brothers and sisters Allah is calling us, so let’s answer Allah’s calling and do our job!

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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